Pros: Exams can be beneficial for students and teachers for many reasons. They provide an unbiased assessment of both the student’s and the teacher’s progress. They provide long-range worthwhile goals and inspire students to refine and polish a well-balanced program of repertoire and work diligently on their technique and theory. Successful results can give students a sense of achievement and a way of defining their progress.

Cons: Although the exam system can be a helpful guide, it can be limiting when creating a broad and comprehensive curriculum tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. Not every child thrives in the exam system. Students can develop poor technique and an unmusical sound if they are striving to achieve an exam before they are ready for that repertoire, with the eventual result that they lose interest in playing.


I will help each student determine whether it is appropriate for them to be working toward an exam and whether it is the right timing.