​Tuition fees


Tuition fees are based on a 40-week school year and divided into four equal payments that are due at the beginning of each term, with adjustments made for public holidays. Alternately students may opt to pay the fees in monthly instalments. Costs for books and materials are in addition to the basic fees.

If you begin lessons in the middle of a term, you will be charged from the date you began lessons. If you wish to terminate lessons in the middle of a term, payments received are not refunded. There is no charge for a trial lesson or consultation.


Weekly lessons for young beginners are 30 minutes long. As students advance I will advise as to when they need to move up to 45 minute lessons. Students working toward exams require at least 45 minute lessons. Advanced students require one hour lessons.


Please contact me for the current fee schedule.



Missed lessons will not be refunded or credited. I will attempt to make up missed lessons where possible. I reserve one sick day for myself per year. If I need to cancel any more than one of your lessons during the year I will make up or credit those lessons.


Safety policy                              

The Henley Fulham Uniting Church has a child safety policy requiring that two adults be present when working with children, and they have asked that a parent be physically present in the building during the lessons where possible.